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Here is some information from John about the Tai Chi class he offers at the Creating Health events. John provides a number of low cost Tai Chi classes locally.

Visit his webpage for further details.



Tai Chi 30 minute demonstration - 


Indicative structure and content.


A sample range of postures and experience. Recommended complementary health exercise for daily self practice. (Chen style Tai Chi)


Tai Chi is neither religion, nor renunciation. It can only be dedicated to the greater good. 


Mobility, Stability & Endurance             

1.1 Tai Chi steps(Activate & roll foot sensors)

1.2 Shoulder/Thoracic spine mobilisation (Activate hand sensors, as if painting the wall)

Also recommend Dr Stuart Mcgill - Posture & Movement - Professor  Biomechanics  - Low back Pain -  "The Big 3 Non negotiable exercises"  View on Youtube.  Author of 3 books

Plus moderate aerobic,  minimum 22 Minutes per day  RPE 5-6-7 Interval Training, if possible. (ACSM)

(150 minutes per week for weight loss. 300 minutes for weight maintenance. (Cardio/Respiratory)

Plus resistance exercises

Plus activities of daily life.   "Sitting is the new smoking"  !!!    Improve the metabolic rate


Tai Chi swings (Focus central nervous system ) Validated Dr M Mosley"s affirmations experiment. TV "Trust me i'm a Doctor"

(Connect mind with bubbling wells). No effort above waist. Relax & sink weight

2.1 Horse stance (Turn waist and change weight. Gentle tap/massage the kidney Chi store)

2.2 Bow stance (Roll foot sensors)


Daoist Joint Opening Movements (Chen style prescribed order) Remove restrictions in Chi, 12 Meridians and tissue  (Pre dates NHS !)  5 energy gates

3.1 Fingers/wrists (Laogong points)  Pushing blood, oxygen, nutrients, chi

3.2 Elbows

3.3 Shoulders

3.4 Back upper

3.5 Waist/ Dantian - Major store of Chi 1:   3 fingers below belly button

3.6 Hips

3.7 Knees

3.8 Ankles/feet (Bubbling Wells)  Tai Chi jig

3.9 Neck  Be paticularly careful/gentle with the cervical spine


4 Tai Chi Qi Gong  Moving Meditation (Culivating Stillness/Mindfulness - Yang style)

     Mind leads - Central nervous system

     Body movement - Somatic nervous system (Motor control & spatial awareness)

     Breath linked- Somatic nervous system (Nose in for 5  - out for 5. Slow & easy  Full not         shallow)

     Visual Vigilance - focuses meditation - cns & sns

     Higher self - connected (optional)


     To promote

     - Chi and internal systems balanced. 5 energy gates open

     - Parasympathetic nervous system (Rest & Digest. Stay & Play).

       (Address stress hormones Adrenaline (Epinephrine) & Cortisol,  - "Diet Therapy")

     - Whole body movement.   Validated  Anatomy Trains  - Thomas Myer  - "Train movement not                          muscles"  Avoid muscle loss-sarcopenia  (can be 5% day !) & comorbidities. Absorb amino acids

      - Lumbar spine stabilisation. Keep natural curve & avoid all forward flexion of spine

      - Neuro Motor Exercise (ACSM) Balance. Agility, Coordination Gait & Proprioception

      - Range of movement and activities of daily life

      - Health and Vitality


       "You can't out-chi a bad diet"  !




Tai Chi Qi Gong Postures

selection from 8 Silk Brocade (daily promote health) & Shibashi (18 ) to help learn Tai Chi 24 Form) 


4.1 Collecting "free money" = chi (Yin earth & Yang above)

4.2 Raise one hand at a time.  split energy   yin & yang

4.3 Open the chest (These first three postures focus on improvements cardio/respiratory)

4.4 Bend trunk and extend the back. (Focus includes squeezing organs around ab's area)

4.5 Tai Chi punch (Focus on removing all negative emotions. Replace with tranquility)

4.6 Raise heels keep illness away. (Focus on spiraling chi and vibrating organs)


4.7 Heaven & Earth  (Classic Tai Chi Form opener - Feel tingle (chi) in the hands)

4.8 Open the chest  (Feel improvements in breath, thus all internal systems)

4.9 Rainbow dance

4.10 Separate clouds

4.11 Turning the wheel

4.12 Pushing the wave  (Synchronise mind, body, breath, visual vigilance)

4.13 Flying dove  (As above plus fuller whole body breath)

4.14 Store the chi - Dantian 

4.15 Tranquility/Peace - The signature of Tai Chi.  The emotion is Happiness



                            MOVEMENT for IMPROVEMENT  


John Beasley  

Street Royal British Legion  Oct 2017  

01749 672482


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